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“Our business is to trade energy products at various locations when needed.”

Who we are

Archetype Energy is an indigenous company registered in Nigeria for the purpose of trading in energy and commodities. We have been working to develop trade networks in conjunction with our commercial partners, locally and internationally.

Trading for us exists in four dimensions: produce; buy and sell; store; and develop proactive trade partnerships and opportunities worldwide.

Health, Safety and Environment

Protection of the health and safety of our staff and contractors and all parties impacted by our activities is our watch word.

The leadership of our Organization demonstrates commitment to HSE by proper allocation of time and resources, giving it an equal priority with work completion or milestone achievement. Archetype Energy’s commitment to HSE is championed throughout all levels of the company’s operations.

Our HSE policy is concerned about the environment in which we operate; hence, we protect the environment by reducing waste, minimizing pollution and containmination of air, water and land. All waste generated during the course of our operations are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Archetype Energy petroleum products are being used by the following industries.

Why Choose Us

We specialize in customer satisfaction
Guaranteed quality
Flexible approach to pricing
Experienced supervision
Knowledge drawn from specialist projects
Both local and International experience
Direct relationship with ship owners
Charter party management

Management Personnel

Archetype Energy Services

We are the prototype of professional service delivery in oil and gas industry.


Our Mission

To be incomparable model in the delivery of products and services in the energy industry through the deployment of innovative human and technological resources.

Our Vision

To be the best organized, reliable, safe and efficient fuel supplier in the Sub-Sahara Africa

Sub-Sahara Africa

Our Core Values

Commitment to Business
Capital Discipline